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Today' Devotional Journal Entry


          Day Three -- October 23, 2018

But Moses said to the Lord, “Oh my Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor even now that you have spoken to your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.”
Exodus 4:10

Even though called by God, even hearing the voice of God from the midst of a burning bush, Moses was filled with doubts and questions. In chapters three and four of Exodus, Moses offers to God no fewer than four questions or doubts: Who am I to go; who shall I say has sent me; what if they don’t believe me; and finally, his slowness of speech. In each case, each question, each doubt, God provided the way. God provided the answer.

This same dynamic applies to our call to give. Everyone has a multitude of reasons to not give. There is no good time for a stewardship campaign. There is always something else, a new car, a re-modeled house, braces for the kids, college to save for, and retirement to worry about. And yet as God calls us to give, as God asks us to be generous, if we listen, if we are open, God also provides the way.

Terry wept at the possibility that she might not be able to give what she thought would be a generous gift. She was faced with braces, college and a cut in her husband’s pay. As she prayed about how to respond to her church's campaign, she became aware of ways in which she could give with generosity and joy. Terry began with all the reasons she couldn’t give but, through prayer, discovered the joy of generosity. She responded out of a sense of gratitude for God's generosity rather than her fear of scarcity. When God calls, God also provides.

Questions to consider

1. What are my reasons or doubts for not fully participating in this stewardship campaign?
2. How has God provided for me in the past, even when I have had doubts?
3. Can I be open to God and trust that as He calls He also provides?


Oh God, You know the many reasons I have for not wanting to serve, for not wanting to be generous. Help me to know in my heart that You have brought me to this time and this place and You will provide what I need to accomplish Your task. Help me, Oh God, to have an open heart, open eyes and open hands. I pray through Christ, Amen


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